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Spyware Doctor

spyware and adware scanner

With the help of this reliable security system, you can protect your computer from getting infected with various Internet parasites, such as adware, spyware or keyloggers. What is more, Spyware Doctor can protect your browser's vulnerabilities from b...

Shareware  98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista
Take care of the junk mail (spam) that comes to your mailbox every day. These tools let you create filters that will attempt to detect and remove those emails.
Anti-spy tools to protect your privacy by detecting PC monitoring tools, keyloggers and also adware mechanisms that may track user activities.
Anti-Virus (Specialized)
Anti-Virus tools, specialized for individual viruses, trojans or worms. These tools are usually released quickly after a new, fast spreading virus is discovered.
Cookie Management
Cookies are an important part of the Internet. They allow you to take advantage of web site customization features, automate logins and more. They are also an essential tool for user verification and required by most password protected sites.
E-mail Security & Encryption
Protect the privacy of your email communications.
Internet Cleanup Tools
Clean your browser cache, surfing history, recently used documents, cookies, stored passwords and much more...
Personal Firewalls
Protect your computer from intruders. Personal firealls allow you to regulate incoming and outgoing TCP/IP (Internet) traffic on your computer.
Traceroute Tools
Traceroute tools allow you to determine the origin and path of a connection. Some of them even provide detailed geographical information on a world map, allowing you to find out the location of a server or user.
Web Content Filter
Filter unwanted web page content like ads, graphics, Java, profanity and more

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